Monday 17 March 2014

The iPhone is NOT primarily a phone... although that is why we buy it.

This was going to be a rant about reviewers who say "first and foremost the iPhone is a phone", because it isn't and because making phone calls is not even in the top 20 things I do with my iPhone... but quite frankly the number one thing I need it for is to be a phone or I'd have bought a 3G 7" tablet instead.
I don't use it as a phone very often, but it's a bit like having a car with a boot big enough for two bicycles - I only occasionally use my car for carrying bikes (I use it for carrying me and shopping far more) but I wouldn't have bought a car that couldn't carry the bikes.

 Because I made the list though, here are the things I do more with my iPhone than talk on it:
  1. Calendar (synced with Exchange at work and with Google for me and Mrs Darth)
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Internet browsing
  4. Email
  5. SMS / iMessage 
  6. iPod
  7. Casual gaming
  8. IMDB app
  9. Weather apps
  10. Social media
  11. Shopping lists and reminders
  12. Photography (converting whiteboards to PDF, OCR, etc)
  13. Shopping apps (e.g. ebay, Amazon)
  14. Remote control for TV, Roku, HiFi, etc
  15. Photography (actual photographs of things)
  16. Maps (not navigation)
  17. Transport apps
  18. Siri for setting timers
  19. Calculator
  20. Scrum poker cards
  21. Phone calls
  22. Maps (navigation)
  23. Siri to see if it works well for anything other than setting timers yet

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